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"the core of man's spirit exists in new experiences"
and i am a person who needs to experience to understand and believe. and i believe.

i live by "lead with your heart" always remembering "this too shall pass"

it works. quite cliche to live by some quotes but i guess that's me

Atmosphere once said "I'm gonna turn to the earth and scream 'Love your life!'
Love your life, quite cliche but I guess thats me
A ball of pop-culture with some arms and feet"

i'm no ball of pop-culture but I do have some arms and feet and i "just remember it all, the beauty as well as the flaws
L-O-V-E- L-I-F-E"

it is a joy to share the bliss i have. the more joy i share, the more joy there is in the world. the more i give the more is recieved by my heart from the unknown sources of existence. thank you Osho Rajneesh for your wisdom

i believe that people deserve recognition for the things they bring to this eARTh, thanks mom and dad for bringing me, i love this place

i try to recognize people, ideas, and so on, as much as i can, but my memory is kind of shot. i'm working on it though. an other reason for creating this blog. an other reason i'm writing all the time..

have a beautiful day xo

Ask me anything

know yoga know peace now yoga now peace no yoga no peace

sitting in an internet cafe in nashik - 6 hours outside of mumbai and an hour away from the ashram i reside, i am on my one day off a week, catching up on the internet, e-mails and essays for my teacher training course. week 1 has finished and we all passed our first exam. the ashram is a picturesque peaceful place. 32 of us, 4 men and the rest women wake up at 5, have tea at 530 and mantra chanting at 545. asana (posture) practice begins at 6 and then we have karma yoga (cleaning, beautifying and helping out around the ashram ) at 8 and breakfast at 9 .. our morning lecture is at 10 and lunch at 12:30 we have free time when the library is open  then an other lecutre a few more hours of asanas then chanting a mantra 108 times for 30 mintues by a purifying fire inside a meditation room and dinner after we climb up the mountain to the sunset and the view below. breathtaking. my roommates are an indian raised in australia an african raised in london and a chinese woman from hong kong. with no expectations yoga vidya gurukul has exceeded them. cows wonder the streets and dogs and cats are seen as well. we are a group from all over the world learnign the truhts to the science of yoga - a personal improvement life style where asanas are not exercises and are only 1/8th of the practice. im out of time but i love you all. be well know im happy and safe and send my love to all of you .. i am learning so much about yoga and myself

links.. enjoy!!!


pictures of my life lately ^^^

here too :


sorry„, i haven’t written about these pics yet ^

and watch this because people are awesome


amazing talent in music


awesome culture


sunrise sunset

sunsets pass by ☼

and messages get mixed up sometimes ☯

but if your head & your heart are in the right place ॐ

miracles will occur ♥

[… i wanna stay like this forever…]

[..i took a trip down garden grove…]

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the queen of mermaids is coming to the future of the holy land, and her little princess couldn’t be more excited.

as ruach blows in a new direction the dry season brings a peaceful transition.

as deep season comes the corners are cleaned in places where only ruach can reach.

i live in the garden, but by the sea, encompassed by energy, secured by the lion. 

one step forward and up this ladder

and this is my way i live to get higher

(ruach is hebrew for wind and for spirit)

things i’ve been writing on my facebook go like this


thankful for the first rain, what a beautiful day it was☂i danced in the waters from the sky☁ walked through the paths of beauty in the golan amidst the cows and their calves☀ witnessed the rays of the sunset burning the edges of paper clouds in the sky above the kineret ॐ danced some more☯ i am thankful for everyone and everything in my life ♥ time to go hiking…

9 minutes ago 

i invite you to listen to Ken Gwa’s story - 
there is a radio interview on this link, i invite you to listen to it
there are photos on this page - i invite you to look at them 
there is a book called “brothers don’t travel” i invite you to buy it, more importantly i invite you to read it 
"Brothers Don’t Travel" is written by of a friend of mine, Ken Ngwa. 
this is his story about his travels as an African American to Israel


excited to be planning this journey ✈ my mom is flying to israel ✡ it’s amazing where life reaches out to ☼ im so proud of her for opening up and spreading her wings ☯ next week my mom and i will soar through the homeland together ッ

October 4 at 11:51am

great adventures.. hanging in trees by a mayan, triping and falling upon a parade in the streets of jerusalem.. more than i could ask for from the balkan beat box with an incredible set, amazing saxophone and good beats. what a desert dance party in the canyon of the nahal neve zohar with everyone on stage for the finale. time for crembo and coffee. hag sameach le’kulam!

September 29 at 4:34pm 

i played with contact, balance, energy, trust, feeling, color, motion, and being at the sukkot festival of hangar adama in mitzpe ramon and fell inlove with humanity all over again ♥ … off to jerusalem tomorrow :) and then to the dead sea for matisiyahu and the balkan beatbox… hag sameach & may you enjoy your meals in sukkahs :)

September 27 at 12:53am

Meg Iz Greene free spirits have to soar

September 23 at 7:32pm

hag sameach le’kulam - my first rosh hashannah, yom kippur and sukkot in israel have been such an experience! i love sukkot. so much fruit & happiness.. check out the link on my page about MOTL. if u want to read a lot, check out my blog as well. the MOTL link is much more important :) have a beautiful day ♥

September 23 at 2:47am

 it was 2008 and high school was almost over… spring break happened &then i left school for another 2 weeks to go on a trip to Poland and Israel. this was my first time in either country.
this is what the cameras saw when they followed our trip. 

FRIDAY SCREENING - LA Daily 3pm & 8:30pm at the Sunset Laemmle 5. In NYC Daily Matinee 12pm & 2pm at the Cinema Village East.


in response to a contest to get tickets for free to the balkan beat box: the question was to come up with the best place to see them perform:

☾ a full moon party.. on the moon herself. the party would be so grand that from earth it looks like the first of the month, with no moon in the sky ☄ but the lights from stage are so strong and the sounds of the balkan are so loud, they radiate to the earth below ♬♫♪♩ the whole galaxy can party with us. everyone is invited from the entire universe to party in unity☮ the laws and commonalities of earth don’t apply here, like gravity or hate

הופעת החלומות של בלקן ביט בוקסSource: http://www.facebook.com/tamarfestival

wow this is an AMAZING film. La Belle Verte. The Beautiful Green. i hope you take the time to watch this any way that you can. there are so many powerful messages here. this is my utopia. thank u nissan for showing me this wonderful film


‎”I have learned this at least by my experiment: ☼ that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors♥ to live the life he has imagined❉, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.ॐ”
Henry David Thoreau✿

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Have you ever seen the night going? Very few people even become aware of things which are happening every day. Have you ever seen the evening coming? The midnight and its song? The sunrise and its beauty? We are behaving almost like blind people. In such a beautiful world we are living in small ponds of our won misery. It is familiar, so even if somebody wants to pull you out, you struggle. You don’t want to be pulled out of your misery, of your suffering. Otherwise there is so much joy all around, you have to just be aware of it and become a participant, not a spectator. Philosophy is speculation. Zen is participation. participate in the night leaving, participate in the evening coming, participate in the stars and participate in the clouds; make participation your lifestyle and the whole existence becomes such a joy, such an ecstasy. You could not have dreamt a better universe. 

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unedited butterflies

this season of fruits has never tasted so good. i just got back to tal’s home in kefar yona after a fantastic sukkot celebration at the her saba and safta (grandma and grandpa’s) home in ramat hasharon. although i have yet to sleep in a sukkah, i have now built, decorated, and eaten more than three meals in a sukkah. 

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eze hayim. this life :)

hag sameach. shana tova.  happy holiday. good year. these phrases have been ringing through my ears for the past few weeks. it began to hit me when i went totel aviv at the beginning of the month, just before rosh hashannah- new years. along the way you hear hellos and goodbyes and a constant ring of hag sameach or shana tova. these words i only heard in temple when in the states. though rarely did i hear hag sameach (which can be heard around every holiday), every year shana tova is sung at the beginning and ending of temple for rosh hashana and maybe for yom kippur too. when i hear them now, it feels like i am hearing a blessing. walking down the streets of tel aviv, possibly the least religious place in israel, i can feel the new year coming around the corner as people pass by and out of every store. i can hear the wishes coming from neighbor to neighbor, entering heart to heart. i like the idea that everyone is thinking about the new year beginning. i’m craving the new year, for the time to reflect on everything i’ve been going through and to make goals for the new time to come. everything seems so appropriate. right now.

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its 11:27 on tuesday morning

the sun sines brightly through the window panes as i wake up this morning. i get out of bed and make jasmine and sage tea with tal. dan and nissan play the drums with morning time vibrations. we sit outside to drink our tea as tal goes to work and the boys enjoy their morning time smoke. the boys made their ways home as nissan gives dan a lift to semach junction, the opposing direction from his destination. i am eating a cucumber tomato and onion salad and checking my e-mail. my brother and i are in communication and the connection is incredibly uplifting and powerful. i really look up to him. http://thegrassrootlife.com/ spencer and his wife sabrina are doing amazing things with the raw vegan lifestyle. they RAWk ;) as spencer would say. 

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good vibrations

I have learned this at least by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

Henry David Thoreau

1817-1862, Writer and Poet

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